Measurement Roadmap

The first challenge I was eager to face when I move from a measurement agency to an in-house position was to put together a complete measurement plan.

Obviously that's not the only one in the life of a data analyst, more follow right away like communicating it properly, get the required buy-in from the C-Level and the rest of the stakeholders, totally crucial, sort out the technical roadblocks to finally be able to spend most of your measurement time performing the tasks that hopefully drive positive changes in net profit or whatever is the goal.

It tries to cover all the bases so it fits better in the situation where the analytics culture is immature or non-existent. Some companies tend to think they have a culture around numbers because someone regurgitates some figures in a regular basis but "they don't know what they don't know" and if you are in charge to build it from the ground up that's when a roadmap makes completely sense.

This is the index of the content:

  • Understanding
    • The Business
    • The Company
    • Customer Lifecycle
  • Measurement Framework Definition
    • Identify Data Consumption needs
    • Goals Setting
    • KPIs & Metrics definition
  • Data Acquisition
    • Technical Solution Design
    • Tool Implementation / Fine Tuning
  • Data Governance
  • Reporting
    • Data Cleanse and pre-Processing
    • Tools Assessment & implementation
    • Dashboards Design
  • Analysis & Insights
    • Research
    • Visual Analysis
    • Hypothesis Validation
    • Communicating Insights
  • Measurement Culture Advocacy

The presentation you can see and download is the summary of that plan. Experts with more experience than me surely will find some holes to plug but I think it makes a pretty decent start.

Download Measurement Roadmap or any other presentation from Ani Lopez

Bring on all that constructive criticism!

BTE, What the cover represents is a lifetime project hopefully one day I'll be able to travel. Do you know what's the name of that route?

Jul 21, 2013
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Oct 26, 2013
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zuan joseph #1

Well said! "they don't know what they don't know" really companies don't know how to manage their websites and have so much of hurdles to come across to reach the top. Your roadmap really a great alternative to recover themselves from the obstacles to reach the best. Nice tips thanks for the info!

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