6 Beautiful Dashboards

I opened the balcony to enjoy the last days of sunny Vancouver while having breakfast this morning and found my street was packed with collector cars for sale. One of my neighbours have several of them but I never saw him, or some of his mates, organize such a garage sale around here.

My wife Montse and I went downstairs with cameras in hand. She is way better than me taking pics so here you have the nicest dashboards she shot from those vehicles.

Beautifully designed dashboard

Pretty blue dashboard

Dashboard Design

Well designed dashboard


Great dashboard

Yes, not the kind of dashboards you are expecting in this blog but it's a gorgeous sunny Sunday, dark winter is round the corner, and the only hard work I'm planning for today is making some caipirinhas, OK?

You are free to use the pictures under under copyleft license: attribution - share alike 2.5 Canada. In short: you just have to attribute the work to the author, Montse Medialdea.

Sep 17, 2012
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Sep 17, 2012
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Jose Uzcategui #1

Ha! Nice dashboards.

The other day I mention you're rather old-school from time to time... my bad, you are *actually* living in the 60s - impressive.

Sep 17, 2012
Posted by:
Ani Lopez #2

So, we know each other for almost three years, we have been working side by side (literally) for one third of that time and you don't already know I'm a 70's guy?

Oh boy, we are going to have "the talk" of your live very soon.

Sep 19, 2012
Posted by:
Jose Uzcategui #3

...I know you're a 70's guy, but this is a figure of speech for people who stick with the style. Seems you found the way to bend time and return to the actual 70's...

Sep 19, 2012
Posted by:
Ani Lopez #4

In FUNK we Trust, brothers and sisters!!!

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