Benefits of having unique titles and metadescriptions in every page

I coded the blog of my band in 2001 when Wordpress and similar ones where in diapers. It was my first dynamical database driven site and of course not SEO at all. I was a newbie programmer

Besides that, a lot of other deficiencies (it was hacked once, defacement) but nowadays has become a nice playground to test the effects of basic actions.

Previous status

It had just one title and metadescription for all the site, 520 pages, but it has been ranking very well for certain keywords due to be focused in a low competitive subject 'musica copyleft', visitors finding content very useful, old domain, lot of links and so.

The SEO action

I changed a pair of scripts to make automatically:

  • place the title of the article at <title> tag
  • the first 170 characters of the text to be the metadescription
  • no text or content optimization at all, something quick and easy

Results in organic traffic

Benefits of unique titles and metadescriptions

The graph is quite descriptive, now some figures. Month ahead from the inflection point compared to the previous one:

Amount of visits
Before: 1,065
After: 3,002
Increase: 181.88%

Benefits of unique titles and metadescriptions in comparison

Ok, it doen't represent tons of visits but it made my old blog more than happy. By the way, it took about a month for Google to reindex all the site but the effect showed in few days, quite fast.

What else do you want for such a few thing? Imagine if these unique titles and metadescriptions in every page were finely optimised! Obviously there are not two identical cases but the difference is so remarkable that your potential client should sign your budget in secs. 

Mar 29, 2009
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Apr 01, 2009
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Dictina #1

But we will have to see the effect of the new longer snippets by Google which don't use the meta-description anymore... I'm so tired of Gooogle launching a new thing every week or less!

Apr 03, 2009
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Ani López #2

Hi Dictina, a pleasure meeting you in person at OME!
SEO for Google = no rest for the wicked :|

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