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Content Strategist Gonzalo Arrabal

Interview with Content Strategist Gonzalo Arrabal

Is there any tool out there capable of doing a perfect keyword research and analysis in English, French, Spanish and Catalan? Yes, codename 'Arrabal' and I'm going to tell you about with great pleasure. Read More

May 30, 2012
Posted By: Ani Lopez
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Revenue by keyword length. Is the money in the long tail?

Revenue by keyword length. Is the money in the long tail?

We have always heard that big part of the money is in long tail keywords. If this is the case, how much the long tail adds to total revenue? Read More

Dec 24, 2011
Posted By: Ani López
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SEO Flat Site Architecture

Understanding Flat Site Architecture

Flat Site Architecture is about content structure, page organization, click distance, relevancy distribution but also about the right URL's structure. Read More

Aug 13, 2010
Posted By: Ani López
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Social media influence SEO

How context in social media influence rankings in SEO

Content optimization and keyword distribution beyond the website. Social media sites can create more room for your precious keywords and it seems to have very nice results. Here you have some numbers. Read More

Sep 21, 2009
Posted By: Ani López
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Keywords distribution

Keywords distribution along web content structure

What to do after your keyword research? Is the structure of the website to optimize good enough to place all these keywords? Keywords distribution and content structure are closely related. Read More

Aug 03, 2009
Posted By: Ani López
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Snippets at SERPs

Snippets changing at search results

Take a look at your SERP's snippets from time to time. Maybe they have changed due to refinements at search engines, sometimes for good sometimes for bad. Be aware and react if required. Read More

Apr 30, 2009
Posted By: Ani López
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Web site structure, no canonical tag

Multi categories website structure. Who needs the canonical tag?

Everybody is talking about canonical tag support since it was announced by mayor search engines. Profuse use of canonical tag not only means you have a lot of duplicated content but a web structure problem. Solution a fine structure. Read More

Apr 25, 2009
Posted By: Ani López
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Benefits of unique titles and metadescriptions

Benefits of having unique titles and metadescriptions in every page

How many times a customer asks you to show in numbers the benefits of SEO actions? This is a common problem in our daily work but here you have some figures to help you a bit. Read More

Mar 29, 2009
Posted By: Ani López
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