SMX Madrid '08 Seminar. Web site structure and search engines indexing

I have done some conferences and participated in several roundtables, but always about copyleft in music, marketing online for bands and musicians, subjects I have spent quite a lot of time during the last 8 years. But this was my fist public one about anything related to SEO.

That was during the Search Marketing Expo in Madrid on the 21st of May 2008. Onetomarket was one of the sponsors of the event and this gave some of us the opportunity to participate with several presentations. Juan Cruz Aliaga (Webanalytics & testing), María Pedrós (linkbuilding). Lennert de Rijk (targeting European market) and me.

SMX Madrid 2008
Some of my workmates talking to Rand Fishkin (Seomoz), María Pedrós, Natalia Gascue and Dennis v.d. Biezen. Me talking to Aina Lluna Taylor. Image by Lakil Essady.

Workshops for clients are part of my job and I was very pleased to make a presentation in an exhibition. The subject was how to structure websites to get the desired indexing from search engines.

Web site structure and search engine indexing

I wanted to explain what I consider a good indexation, not everything in a web site needs to be crawled and indexed. From all the factors that contribute to get better rankings, the site structure has a fundamental role, so it is important how to manage it and how to integrate this issue along the design process.

Not only a technical point of view, because there are other disciplines involved like Information Architecture (AI) andd Usability (UX), so many times left aside while running SEO campaigns.

These sciences must be present in a project from the very beginning and offer interesting ideas and valuable resources while allocating content in the site, critical mission if you want to let the search engine bot or indexing system how your content is organised what helps to rank better and gain more organic traffic.

I really enjoy interacting with the public, answering all the questions and comments, but the funny thing was the hostess at the door congratulating me because it was the first conference she could understand due to my frank, open, good-humored way of talking :)

This is the ppt for the presentation. I wish it could reflect the maximum of my speech. It is in Spanish but I'll translate it asap.

May 28, 2008
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