OME Madrid 2009, Online Marketing Spain Congress

This time I went to OME to support sales team in SEO subjects at our corporative stand, this is why I can't talk about any of the presentations there but ours, the one I gave with my mate at work Juan Cruz about 'Seo and analytics'.

Exhibitors were quite happy due to the success of the congress, it was crowded and everybody made good contacts. Networking is why this things are for.

Let's see how many of those convert into contracts, maybe the crisis will help a bit the online market, cheaper than traditional and more easy to measure how far the invested money goes.

'SEO and analytics' presentation

Room was jam-packed in our speech and once finished quite nice amount of people came to talk to us asking for business cards or willing to discuss and exchange ideas about what was explained in the short 40 minutes we had.

Here you have the presentation in spanish but in next articles I'll explain the cases in english, stay tuned!.

I'm the one having great time in the questions round but we had no more than 10, 15 minutes. Live interaction with the audience is a bit risky but adrenalinic. Understand what people ask, not so obvious sometimes and give the best of the answers considering the situation is a good mental exercise to test your communication skills and how professional you are.

OME Madrid 2009

Meeting real people

It was a good opportunity to meet people I worked with in the past, get introduced to interesting experts in all kind of online disciplines and finally shake hands and hug some of those I have a high professional respect and personal affinity but I never met in person before, just reciprocal blog comments, social networks comrades or forums buddies.

Of course, meet the ones working at our office in Madrid is always a pleasure.

We invest (or waste) most of our time in the Internet, but real personal relationships are always better than digital ones. Luckily in Spain we have a marvelous strong tradition: the best social network are tapas bars.

Next stop: SMX Madrid, June 2009

Image by Óscar Montes.

Apr 04, 2009
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