Ani Lopez, Senior Measurement Strategist

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I began coding html around the time, 1997, the Internet started to be something in Spain. Then, 2000, I learned XML, XSL, PHP and MYSql to code dynamic WAP ("the year of mobile" thay said!) and Web sites when popular CMSs like Drupal, Typepad, WordPress and such were in diapers or not yet born.

With some more years and experience under my belt I found myself managing web projects for agencies or my own clients. When I had enough of that, 2007, I jumped into de SEO wagon.

It seens I'm always looking for challenges so in September 2009 I moved to Vancouver, Canada where I joined VKI& Studios, a well known digital measurement agency that eventually morphed into Cardinal Path by merging with two more agencies.

Although most of my work there revolved around Enterprise and International SEO, analytics and visualization were taking over my professional heart so I decided to become a former SEO and focus full time on those matters.

In September 2012 I moved to 1-800-GOT-JUNK? looking for the kind of in-house experience agencies don't provide. I had fun for almost a year creating a complete measurement stratey and trying to implement it.

I decided to go freelance in August 2013 incorporating my company Consulting Inc in order to offer services to several clients. My main one turned out to be Elecronic Arts Canada where I led the project to migrate from SiteCatalyst to Google Analytics Premium using Tealium Tag Manager.

Now I'm back to agency life working with Analytics Demystified where I'm having a blast helping clients.

Ani López, Senior Search Engine Optimization Strategist
Somewhere at Manning Park, spring 2012

Before working on any internet related thing I studied Industrial Design and worked at Interior design an Architecture companies but soon I discovered that although I love art, design and architecture I was not made for it.

Besides that what I enjoy most is cooking for friends and family (I should have opened a restaurant, damn it!) as an excuse to have long conversations around a table sparked with good coffee and liquors.

Learning to be Canadian, embracing the local culture and, you know, ice skating, kayaking, snow shoeing, skate skiing, hiking and all that stuff crunching my lower back more that I would like to but also importing some fantastic mediterranean habits that are very welcome here at the Great White North.

NOTE: The views expressed on this personal website/weblog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employers or clients.

Aug 02, 1967
Vancouver, Canada
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Google Analytics Qualified Individual Certified Professional

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