OME Madrid 2009

OME Madrid 2009, Online Marketing Spain Congress

5th edition of OME, the meeting point for digital marketers in Spain. We were there for a two days intensive networking round and a presentation about SEO and analytics with an enthusiastic response from the audience what makes me happy. Read More

Apr 04, 2009
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Benefits of unique titles and metadescriptions

Benefits of having unique titles and metadescriptions in every page

How many times a customer asks you to show in numbers the benefits of SEO actions? This is a common problem in our daily work but here you have some figures to help you a bit. Read More

Mar 29, 2009
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Social Media and Analytics

Social Media and Analytics, What can we measure?

Is it possible to measure our Social Media campaign's impact with web analytics tools? Not so accurately as we wish but things are changing, so new science as old as humanity but digital. This is what makes the difference. Read More

Nov 03, 2008
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Web site structure and search engine indexing

SMX Madrid '08 Seminar. Web site structure and search engines indexing

Does 'IA' rings a bell to you? Is your web perfectly structured? Is it finely indexed the way you want? All these things are related, believe it or not. That was the subject of my presentation at SMX Madrid. Read More

May 28, 2008
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