Browser icon set for SEO, SEM, IA infographics

Sooner or later you will need some nice graphic to illustrate your presentations, consultancy documents or workshops.

Sure you saw or used any of the beautiful infographics made by Elliance. This company offering SEO services also create the best and well known SEM diagrams, what they call 'Search illustrated'.

Are they free to use? Um, '© 2007 Elliance. All Rights Reserved' tells you not. Restrictive copyright prohibits you any kind of use, just download them in PDF format, nothing else.

Yes Lord, I am guilty of including them in my presentations and any other kind of SEO documents but not only that, I have remixed, copy & paste, resize & re-coloured, add, subtract and modify a bit or the whole one.

Oh Lord, I must confess, copyleft concept runs trough my veins and I will assume my punishment so instead keep on infringing Elliance infographics copyright I made a browser icon set under Creative Commons license ready to download, use and reuse as you please.

In fact it is not a graphic telling something it is just a resource for you to create your own SEO, SEM, web information architecture diagrams. Fell free to squeeze it to the max, be creative.

It is the base from I create the graphics you can see at this blog. I also pay attention images or diagrams as part of content.

Here you have it, play with its layers to make it the way you need. As soon as I improve it I'll make the new versions available.

Download the Browser icon set for SEO, SEM, IA infographics (PSD format)

Something you think I missed? Any idea to collaborate with? Drop me a line, glad to hear your opinion if this helps to make it better.

This is just a sample of what you can easy make with it:

Browser icon set for SEM infographics

May 09, 2009
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Dec 15, 2010
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Developer #1

Thanks! This is nice!

Apr 05, 2015
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SEO Expert #2

I never heard of Elliance to be honest with you, but I checked them out just now and I found they have some really nice info-graphics one can use, it would of been nice if they give an option to use them without the restrictive copyright, maybe change like a $1 or so!

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