Spring is getting really hot, Cardinal Path, WAA Awards & SMX Toronto

You, my few and loyal readers and followers, already know I moved to Vancouver looking for a personal adventure including the professional part of it.

Year and a half later I can say for sure it has been very interesting till now but near future is getting amazingly exciting. That's the main reason I've not been writing a lot lately here.

I asked for adventure and this is what I'm getting. Be careful, sometimes you get more than you wanted.

Conquering the Web Analytics Association Awards

First VKI Studios, the company I've been working for last 12 months, was nominated and made it to the final as Most Influential Agency category what is per se a marvellous price taking into account that we are competing against big guys like IBM. I feel proud to be part of the team.

Then I discovered that Spanish mate, one of the best world wide web analysts, Gemma @sorprendida Muñoz is finalist too for Web Analytics Rising Star category. She is now in San Francisco enjoying like a child meeting her loved Avinash and waiting for the gala. BTW, if Avinash reads her blog in Spanish using Google translate sure woths a try.

Probably the other finalists deserve it too but my heart is with her as you can imagine. Wonderful person and terrific professional.

Not enough. Justin Cutroni, now a work mate as I'll explain later, is finalist for Innovator/Technology of the Year. Since I started to put my hands in the analytics thing, Justin was the first relevant personas I followed. His "Google Analytics Shortcuts" book absolutely helped in my first steps while implementing tracking solutions correctly. Be sure to read his blog.

What can I say? I bet on him, of course.

Three of my favorites in the pole position, the gala is ours.

Update 9:49pm via Twitter: none of my favorite three won an award :-(
Esto cabreado! (sorry I had to say that in Spanish).

Presenting at SMX Toronto

March will be gone but April will keep me busy too. I enjoy sharing knowledge and meeting other professionals so every time there is a chance there I go.

I did some presentations while living in Spain, SMX Madrid. OME Online Marketing Expo Madrid, Search Congress Barcelona but the only opportunity I had here in North America was IMC Vancouver 2010.

I asked to present at several SMX conferences and bingo! Toronto response was positive asking me to participate in, not one but two, sessions:

Oh my dog! Looking forward (and frightened, I should say) to be seated side by side with such good professionals. Also meeting excelent profesionals from the east side of this big continent is going to be fantastic.

Citius, Altius, Fortius. Three relevant agencies join forces, a new one is born: Cardinal Path

To make things more electrifying we were told recently in a VKIstudios.com internal meeting that we were going to merge with Websharedesign.com and Publicinsite.com to lead in web analytics and data-driven space under a new company/name: CardinalPath.com. A secret hard to keep when you feel so excited about.

Cardinal Path

All three companies are well known for their relevancy in web analytics business but also strong in SEO, PPC, Usability, Conversion optimization, web development and many other online marketing disciplines. We can now offer more and better services all across North America and beyond.

Willing to team up with my new mates.

There are some more interesting things coming through the pipe as we head to the summer but they have to be confirmed first and better take one pill at a time to avoid choking.

Mar 15, 2011
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