Who needs another weekly recap?

Probably nobody but there is a couple of reasons to do my own one.

The process. In a daily basis I review more than 95 feeds on SEO or related topics. I scan 100 articles in average every day but I only read top to bottom around 30 a week. Some more coming from the ones I follow on Twitter.

How much time takes me collect URLs and titles of those I consider adding something interesting beyond the typical industry news and same-old-story-again and dump them in a blog post? Not a lot and that's a reason.

The second one. Right after listing at Cardinal Path's blog the 50 SEO feeds keeping me updated Señor Muñoz, Marbella SEO consultant, teased me in a tweet asking if I could filter the ones I liked most. There you have them ordered by topic.

If just one of my readers finds it useful I'll be more than happy.
This is going to be your weekly SEOish groceries round, ok?


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Web Analytics

Local Search

Mobile SEO

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Feb 25, 2012
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