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Spring is getting really hot, Cardinal Path, WAA Awards & SMX Toronto

Was adventure what I was looking for when I came to Canada? Yes, and I'm getting triple ration: Web Analytics Association Awards, SMX Toronto and companies merging into Cardinal Path super online marketing agency. Read More

Mar 15, 2011
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blog spamming morons

Helping blog spamming morons

Running out of ideas for your lame spammy comments? Hey you crappy blog spammer! I want to help you with a collection of exceptional comments to use in your daily work starting with the classic 'Nice post' to Shakespeare rich style ones. Read More

Jan 02, 2011
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Improving SEO with web analytics

Improving SEO with web analytics

Verifying the success of your SEO through web analytics is a must for every consultant but using stats to get deeper insight to improve strategies is for really rocking SEOs. Read More

Dec 26, 2010
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SEO hotel bookings

What SEO can do for your hotel bookings

Case study describing how a basic SEO project for a hotel increased more than double its revenue from bookings, exactly 124.51% four weeks after project launch. Read More

Sep 20, 2010
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SERPs Eye tracking study

User behavior in SERPs. Eye tracking study July 2010

Study based on Google and Yahoo! page results using eye tracker technique to demonstrate that a relationship exists between the user's intention and user's behavior when they browse the results page. Read More

Aug 24, 2010
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SEO Flat Site Architecture

Understanding Flat Site Architecture

Flat Site Architecture is about content structure, page organization, click distance, relevancy distribution but also about the right URL's structure. Read More

Aug 13, 2010
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organic traffic trend

Show me your organic traffic and I'll tell you how is your SEO

Take a look at your organic traffic in perspective and the quality of your Search Engine Optimization strategy will be revealed at a glance. Then, after having a wide vision decisions to take are more clear if you want to have a high organic traffic. Read More

Aug 10, 2010
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Mobile web represents the bigger headache ever for those wanting to target the small but growing audience they represent nowadays. check your Instant Previews for possible indexation issues.