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Only articles adding something to my (lack of) knowledge. SEO evolves daily; monitor closely and remove noise from signal is a must if you want to make something from it. Read More

Feb 25, 2012
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Trends for Websites and Google Analytics

Comparing Google Trends for Websites and Google Analytics data. 2011 Edition

This is an update for past year 2011 of the comparison between data from Google Trends for Websites and Google Analytics Read More

Jan 09, 2012
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Revenue by keyword length. Is the money in the long tail?

Revenue by keyword length. Is the money in the long tail?

We have always heard that big part of the money is in long tail keywords. If this is the case, how much the long tail adds to total revenue? Read More

Dec 24, 2011
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Merging keywords from Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics

Matching Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics keywords data

Keyword analysis is getting harder lately. Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are not cooperating but here you have a way to merge all this data together. Read More

Nov 29, 2011
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Google SSL users show 'not provided' keywords

Numbers after a month of 'not provided' keywords

Since October 18th 2011 all organic traffic coming from signed-in users will show "(not provided)" instead of the keyword used to query Google Search Engine. How many visits are affected? Read More

Nov 18, 2011
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Ultimate SEO dashboard

Ultimate SEO Dashboard

There are two ways SEO and analytics interact: Pre and Post action use of web analytics data flow to fine tuning your SEO and them measure its performance. This dashboard wants to help you in the Pre phase. Read More

Nov 11, 2011
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Measuring SEO Performance

Measuring SEO Performance

Please, no more unorganized nonsense collections of metrics while trying to measure the success of the SEO you practice. Starting from observing user behaviour numbers will tell you the truth and you will know much better how to improve the performance of organic traffic. Read More

Apr 25, 2011
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The art of measure is never easy but when it comes to SEO it's even worst

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Hold on! Sure, you’re excited to get your content online, but stop asking for a site to be built, and think about its audience especially when it comes to international SEO.

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'Standard Spanish' is something that I don’t buy into when it comes to international scenarios. I'll explain to you why and some tips to start facing correctly your Spanish strategy.

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Handling Multilingual Sites for Humans & Search Engines @ Bruce Clay Blog

The logic behind the scenes to show all content to bots and the right language to users

Mobile detection issues & Google Instant Previews @ Cardinal Path blog

Mobile web represents the bigger headache ever for those wanting to target the small but growing audience they represent nowadays. check your Instant Previews for possible indexation issues.