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We do SEO despite clients

What can you do with clients if managing their SEO projects is an impossible mission? Is there any solution? No in most of the problematic cases but you have to do your job, you are a professional, aren't you? Read More

Jan 09, 2010
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Social media influence SEO

How context in social media influence rankings in SEO

Content optimization and keyword distribution beyond the website. Social media sites can create more room for your precious keywords and it seems to have very nice results. Here you have some numbers. Read More

Sep 21, 2009
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IMC Vancouver 2009

Internet Marketing Conference, Vancouver 2009

Three days of workshops, presentations and breaking sessions featuring in total over 50 top speakers from the most relevant companies and marketing associations. I was at IMC Vancouver and here are some of my thought about. Read More

Sep 20, 2009
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Vancouver SEO consultant

Moving to Vancouver. Online and offline networking experience

Imagine you have to move to the other side of the globe for a job. How would you do it? Are social networks as Linkedin or Twitter helpful tools to achieve that? What can you do prior to moving there? A personal experience moving to Vancouver and some hints. Read More

Sep 19, 2009
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Keywords distribution

Keywords distribution along web content structure

What to do after your keyword research? Is the structure of the website to optimize good enough to place all these keywords? Keywords distribution and content structure are closely related. Read More

Aug 03, 2009
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Google Trends for Websites and Google Analytics

Comparing Google Trends for Websites and Google Analytics data

How match do you trust Google Trends for Websites stats? Without a comparison to real data for the same sites it is not possible to know its effectiveness. Analytics to the rescue. Come in and check conclusions. Read More

Jun 16, 2009
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Browser Icon Set

Browser icon set for SEO, SEM, IA infographics

Download the Browser Icon Set. It will help you to create your own SEM infographics, web information architecture diagrams. Use in your presentations or documents adding graphic value to express your ideas. Read More

May 09, 2009
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